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Our company was established in 1984 and by constant improvements today it can be proud of 30 years experience for what it concerns the coupling of all types of skins and fabrics with every support. Our workings go from the simple coupling with latex to autothermoadhesive, smearing up to pleating, quilting and lamination of skin and fabrics for leather goods, shoes, bags, clothes and furs.

For this sector, we have set up a new, ecological, transpiring coupling, water and dry washable. All our products, used for glueing the raw materials, are ai???waterai??? based, consequently all natural. Our productive and organizational methode is carried out with industrial mentality but we avail ourselves of some members of our team, who are working with our firm since the establishment, consequently their work can be considered ai???handicraftai???. All this improves the quality of our production as we make a very careful selection of the goods preparation before and during the working.