Coupling of fabrics and great value skin

Sete jacquard chiffon

These workmanships need particular experience in how much you/he/she can happen to have to join a skin appreciated with particular demands with a fabric that has in turn its problem list. We succeed therefore to individualize the correct combination and as resulted final a good touch and good resistance.

Particular treatments

Water proof / antibacteric / soften treatments

– Water proof – Antibacteric – Soften – Water soluble coupling – For skins and fabrics These workings need a particular experience, chiefly in case of coupling a great value skin with problematical fabrics. We succeeded in finding the right combination and we obtained, as final result, the best touch and the best resistance.

Elasticized items

Shoes / clothes

More than ten-year experience in this field allowed us to reach the best results both in shoes and clothes field. We succeeded in obtaining about 20 / 25% elasticity for finished skin bothgrain skin and suede, worked by soft tanning (nappa type) and used with lycra and poliammide fabrics, specially realized in collaboration with our supplier for this particular working, named ai??? stretch curled skin ai???. We can obtain even 40/45% stretching for sheep skin, specially tanned and refinished both grain skin and suede: working named ai???stretched plain skinai???. Both workings are used for shoes and clothes; the second one is particularly suitable for clothes as we have obtained high elasticity as well as final thickness of 0,5 mm. abt and a final touch, which is very similar to the human skin. All this can be made wit finished skin with the result of being transpirant, water and wind proof.

Auto and thermoadhesives

Coagulates / fabrics / shoe lasts / TNT for reinforcements

We can make every kind of materials autoadhesive or thermoadhesive, so as to be worked by cold way (insoles) or by warm way for uppers (i.e. boots last etcai??i??). This working can be made also onto skin.

Smearing and thread fix

Coagulates / fabrics / TNT for reinforcements

This working can be made both onto the right and the reverse side in order to block the woof during the cut and also to change the original touch and the fabrics looking.

Laminating: Bas-relief finishing

Shoes / leather goods / bags / clothes

Classic laminated working onto skins and fabrics, also by particular transfert paper. The bas-relief finishing consists in transferring a drawing onto a bas-relief, even personalized, by using a laminated skin, finished or only aniline tanned, on succeeding in obtaining unique optical effects. We want to underline that this working is absolutely odourless.



/ leather goods / bags

This working allows us to make onto the skins and fabrics several kinds of pleats and drawings. The pleat can be got free, so as to be reopened after a further working.


Shoes / leather goods / bags / clothes

This working can be made both with skins and fabrics, by putting inside the right padding (wadding or foam-rubber). We can realize every kind of drawings even if personalized.

MTP coupling

Shoes / leather goods / bags / clothes

It concerns coupling made by moltoprene fire. We can use different thickness both in ecru and in dark grey colour.

Ecological coupling

Transpiring, water resistant, dry and water washable

The method, used for this working is very particular as it allows us to couple without problems every kind of fabrics from the highest thickness to the heaviest one.

All this concerns also the skins, both for skin +skin coupling and for fabrics (i.e. silk) + skin. The glue, used for this working, is commonly water based and, as it remains onto the surface, it allows the finished products to be transpirant, wind and water proof, washable and they have a very delicate touch.

Couplage with latex and resins

Shoes / leather goods / bags

This working is suggested for shoes and leather goods (bags, suitcases, etc.) as it doesnai??i??t change the regular softness of the treated skin, leaving it the same soft touch, may be more softer. These glues are both

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natural and synthetic products, water based.

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